Smart motorcycle helmet

The Japanese startup Borderless presents the CrossHelmet X1, a revolutionary motorcycle helmet offering riders 360-degree visibility, noise cancellation and smartphone connectivity. It is currently available to pre-order via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website.

This smart motorcycle helmet has a wide-angle camera at the back and a built-in head-up display so the rider can see what’s going on behind them without any blind spots.

With this 360-degree view, the rider no longer has to turn around or make large head movements to maneuver. They can, instead, stay concentrated on the road ahead while keeping a careful eye on what’s going on behind them.

The CrossHelmet X1 also has a noise control system, via the accompanying mobile app, to reduce noise from the surrounding environment (engine, wind, etc.). Finally, it can connect to smartphones over Bluetooth, allowing riders to use voice commands via Google Assistant or Siri, whether for making calls, managing navigation or listening to music.

The helmet also features safety LEDs on either side to improve visibility at night.

The CrossHelmet X1 is available to preorder on Indiegogo for $1,599, with estimated delivery slated for June 2019, and should then go on sale priced $1,799. It can also be ordered with various accessories (visors, jackets, gloves). Source : AFP Relaxnews

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