Country’s first solar electric vehicle

Team Tanguar Racing completes historic 2000km Bangladesh Tour with their self-built solar electric vehicle to promote clean transportation and sustainable lifestyle. As the whole world is now pushing for clean, emission-free transportation, Bangladesh has also joined them by taking a giant leap in this field.

On July 15, 2019, a solar electric vehicle built by a local company, Advance Dynamics Limited, successfully completed a historic 2000km journey across different parts of the country starting from Teknaf to Tetulia, according to a press release. The tour was conducted by the Tanguar Racing team which is a project of Advanced Dynamics Limited (ADL). The solar electric vehicle is the first of its kind on the roads of Bangladesh.

During this 21-day tour, the team stopped over at different places and finally drove through 22 cities, showcasing the technology at eight different educational institutions and spreading awareness on clean transportation, pollution mitigation, climate action and environmental conservation.

The solar electric vehicle uses a vintage SUV vehicle as its base but instead of any petrol, diesel or CNG, it only runs on electricity. The EV is powered by a 30Kw electric motor, a 36Kwh lead-acid battery pack, and also has 350W solar body parts and a 2.2Kw built-in intelligent charger. The vehicle achieved speeds of 60km/h and a single charge range of 180km including solar recovery. This vehicle is a not-for-sale trial prototype model and will continue to be developed and improved over time, the release read.

Piloted by the team’s founders, Mohammad Tauseef Anwar and Gopal Kumar Mohoto, the vehicle consumed 502.90Kwh of grid electricity, and generated 31.62Kwh of solar energy during the entire trip. The net consumption came to 471.28Kwh for 2100km. Advanced Dynamics Limited will conduct similar endurance tests in the future to develop and manufacture emission free vehicles in the country.

The Tanguar Racing team will take on more challenges next year as Team Bangladesh in the 80 Day Race, competing with global teams from US, UK, and France, among others, to become the first competitive team from Bangladesh to circle the globe on a zero-fossil fuel vehicle.

The batteries used in this tour were provided by Rahimafrooz Batteries Ltd. The other partners of the team during the tour include Pedrollonk Ltd,, Bohu Bangladesh, Moar, Dreamers & Doers, Fab Lab Dhaka and Cone Technologies. Many other organisations and businesses have also provided ad-hoc support.

About ADL and Tanguar Racing

An electric transportation company in Bangladesh, Advanced Dynamics Limited (ADL) builds solutions for the future of transportation, energy and industry. The company aims to build electric vehicles in Bangladesh and offer them to the people of the country.

Tanguar Racing is an electric motorsport venture of ADL from Bangladesh. Under this venture, ADL will participate in different global motoring events with the aim of challenging their own technical expertise in electric vehicles and as well as grow a footprint in the global auto industry. Source : Daily Star Online

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